Operation Hope (EA)

Operation Hope (EA)

Operation Hope (EA)

We provide families and communities in Kenya 🇰🇪, Tanzania 🇹🇿, and Uganda 🇺🇬, with spiritual development training, discipleship, economic development, healthcare supplies & whole-health practices, tools and animals for their farming initiatives & endeavors. We also partner with other local & international charitable organizations, that help create programs and provide access to clean water, within the local community and/or tribal regions via our We Care Eastern Africa (WCEA) Outreach Programs & The Noah's 2X2 Project!

We Also Invest In Our African Outreach Ministry, Which Helps Young Children, Young Women & Their Children At The Feminist 4 Peace, Rights & Justice Centre/Shelter ⚖️, Who Have Been Abused, Abandoned, Molested &or Raped via Our Ministry Partner & Ministerial Conduit, Sis Regina, From Nairobi Kenya 🇰🇪. 

We Help In Providing Sustenance & Spiritual Development, In Order To Encourage, Empower & Inspire These Angels, To Reach Their Full Potential & To Live With The Dignity & Honor, Which Was Once Stolen From Them. 

Wholeness Renewed, Is Our Aim & Goal 4 Their Lives, Amen 🙏! 🙌 


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